2018 – 2019 Executive Committee

Thank you to all of these generous individuals who have been selected to serve on our Executive Committee!

Contact us via the “Contact” link on the menu above and choosing the department you wish to contact in the drop down menu on the contact page.

Office Name Email
President Marsha Harris marsha75042@gmail.com
1st VP – Aide Tish Nix tish.nix@gmail.com
2nd VP – Fundraising Heather Alanis heather.alanis@gmail.com
   Fundraising Assistant Paul Alanis paul.v.alanis@gmail.com
   Fundraising/Spirit Shop Susan Hoar rshoar@gmail.com
   Fundraising/Spirit Shop Laura Munoz lmunoz@acaedu.net
   Food Chair Jill Regina mrmreg@sbcglobal.net
   Food Chair Assist. Karin Fleger kdfleger@yahoo.com
3rd VP – Communications David Wilbanks dwilban@gmail.com
4th VP – Volunteer Coordinater Kristen Shaw kristshaw@outlook.com
   On Call Co-Chair Brandy Dunn brandy@bdunn.com
   On Call Co-Chair Danny Kocurek dkocurek@sbcglobal.net
5th VP – Membership Kristi Davis kristi-davis@att.net
6th VP – Scholarship
7th VP – Hospitality Maureen Tappe mtappe3@att.net
   Hospitality Assistant Becky Hale beckyhale94@gmail.com
   STEM Care Laura Myers annieksmom@aol.com
   Teacher Appreciation Jill Regina mrmreg@sbcglobal.net
8th VP Student Activities Toney Dedwylder tdedwylder@ymail.com
   Student Activities Assist. Jenny Huynh jennyhuynhod@sbcglobal.net
   Summer Activity Co-Chair Christy Cutler cutler557@gmail.com
   Summer Activity Co-Chair Laurie James playswithwords@sbcglobal.net
9th VP Programs Monica Cobbey cobbeys@hotmail.com
   Fall Kick Off Co-Chair
   Fall Kick Off Co-Chair
   Pasta w/ Purpose Chair Shellie Pruden shellie.pruden@gmail.com
10th VP Budget & Finance Cara Hackley carahackley@sbcglobal.net
Secretary Stephanie Griffin swgriffin2@yahoo.com
Treasurer Martha Honea honea10@sbcglobal.net